"I’m so thankful that even though HIV/AIDS is horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, we had things like Angels Unaware to help support us! Thank you to all those that made it happen! And still do to this day fight for families like ours!!...... They are the people that helped me to know that just because my parents were sick with HIV/AIDS it didn't mean we were any less or that we were gross."

- M.

Donate to PayPal

By donating to our PayPal account you will be helping support Camp Ray-Ray and Angels Unaware.  This year, we expect to see families who haven’t attended Camp in many years. Because of the larger number attending, we expect our expenses to be a bit higher.   Your donation is instrumental in helping bring families together to support one another and cherish being a family.

Our PayPal account can be accessed by clicking on the button below:

Camp Costs

  • $70 = Climbing wall for 12
  • $70 = Archery for 12
  • $120 = Swimming for 80
  • $120 = Canoeing for 30
  • $200 = Full day for arts and crafts for all campers
  • $300 = Hayride for 80 campers
  • $490 = Food and lodging for a family of 4
  • $625 = Food and lodging for a family of 6
  • $1000 = Transportation for families without reliable cars (van rental + gas)
  • $1800 = Camp T-Shirts and water bottles
  • $2500 = Horseback riding

Angels Unaware

  • $300 = Office phone and storage space for the year
  • $200 = Paper for newsletters, postage and other basic office supply needs