"I’m so thankful that even though HIV/AIDS is horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, we had things like Angels Unaware to help support us! Thank you to all those that made it happen! And still do to this day fight for families like ours!!...... They are the people that helped me to know that just because my parents were sick with HIV/AIDS it didn't mean we were any less or that we were gross."

- M.

Donate “Wish List” Items

Donate an item from our wish list or Target registry for Camp Ray-Ray.

Wish List

  • 35 baskets for family “Welcome to Camp” treats
  • Gas cards for families driving to Camp on their own or in the Camp van
  • Simple prizes for games played at Camp
  • 35 — 3”x5” frames for a commemorative Camp photo
  • Portable photo printer
  • Ink and paper to print Camp photos onsite (many families don’t have extra money for printing any photos)