"I’m so thankful that even though HIV/AIDS is horrible, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, we had things like Angels Unaware to help support us! Thank you to all those that made it happen! And still do to this day fight for families like ours!!...... They are the people that helped me to know that just because my parents were sick with HIV/AIDS it didn't mean we were any less or that we were gross."

- M.


Families are eligible to be part of Angels Unaware if there is a child under the age of 18 residing in the home; a parent, guardian or child has HIV/AIDS; a parent, guardian or child is affected  by HIV/AIDS (spouse, child, significant other has passed away from the disease); and the family has been with the organization since the child was under the age of 18. Additional qualifications may be part of registering for Camp Ray-Ray.

Registration forms can be found here.

Family Stories

Eight-year-old Kyler was back at camp with his parents for his fourth time. Wildlife encounters are Kyler’s favorite part of camp. During a hiking excursion, he met up with an elk. When the elk gave Kyler some attitude, he fearfully walked away only to have a bird land on his head. The bird did not frighten him like the elk; his only concern was if the bird was going to leave a deposit behind on his head!

Justin, 15, and Joe, 7, are busy, active boys living in a turbulent home. Their father died of AIDS several years ago. Their mother has AIDS and is getting sicker each day. There are no family members near by. Their mother is trying to find a place for her children to live together. Most adoptive parents only want a young child, no more than one and certainly not a teenager. It’s very likely that the boys will be separated for good, at a time in their lives when they need each other most.

DominiqueSweet little Dominique, neighbors wouldn’t let her play on their lawn because they were afraid she would give them AIDS. She loved preschool, friends, church, her teacher Stacy, and living with her Grandma Winnie. The two of them enjoyed each other immensely. Camp Ray-Ray was a beacon of hope; there were no judgments, no fear, just acceptance, love, and fun. Dominique made us all laugh and wonder at her creativity and wise beautiful spirit.